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I help smart, passionate women entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, experts & thought leaders turn their unique story and powerful message into published and bestselling books. From there, I also show you how to package your brilliance into signature programs and lucrative high-paying consulting business.


You are a smart, passionate woman entrepreneur who has a unique story to tell, ready to take inspired actions, manifest more abundance, help and inspire more people. I am truly honored to be part of your journey towards your ultimate breakthrough!

I get it.

You need a real person who can help you finally finish writing your book, proofread and edit, design the interior pages, design a highly converting book cover and all the nitty gritty details of book publishing. Or perhaps, all you need is that final swing of my magic wand to turn your completed manuscript into your bestselling book - and you as a bestselling published author and an authority in your niche or industry. We can also work on your dream website or update the current one you have.

That's exactly what I am here for!

You see, I don't only get it. I feel you. Other self-publishing courses just tell you to outsource writing (or ghostwriting) here, editing, proofreading there, book and interior design elsewhere...As a self-published author myself, I know how it feels having to worry about all those details; and not knowing exactly if my outsourced book cover designer can meet my expectations, among others.

That's why I created my signature Inspired Action Publishing Done-With-You Program so everything is done with you. I want your book to be exactly how you want it and up to standards so we are working directly with each other all throughout the process. I also have my signature, “Write, Publish, Inspire! Blueprint” to help you finally break through your hurdles, become a bestselling published author, and guide you how to package your powerful message and brilliance into signature programs and lucrative high-paying consulting business.

There are so many amazing and unique stories out there waiting to be heard. Don't hold yourself anymore by not being visible to the world. It's about time you tell yours, inspire more people and manifest more abundance into your life. It's time to give the world the gift of your unique message.

Who is Kristine?

Here’s a little more background about me that makes me qualified to work with you.



As a young girl, I was always on the forefront of every essay writing, quiz bee, declamation and oratorical contest in school. I got to share the stage with other gifted and promising students. I have always loved to write, speak, and make myself heard. At the age of 11, I was already writing for the official school publication. By the time I was 16 and in Senior High School, I was the Editor-in-Chief and in charge of the editorial board. I have been called a prolific writer and an eloquent speaker at a very young age. All these and more propelled me to reach for greater heights.

I honored my mother's wish and chose to take Bachelor of Science major in Computer Science in our hometown instead of my dream course Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts Major in Broadcast Journalism in a famous Pontifical and Royal University in the city (my mother’s Alma Mater). I still pursued my writing and public speaking with editorial positions for the official school publication and several other leadership roles. I earned laurels and recognitions along the way. For me, the appreciation of my gifts and talents was far more priceless than the recognition. I was more happy to be able to share my life’s purpose and inspire others. Joining competitions or any form of contests have always been an opportunity for me to broaden my experience, and not just as a mere contestant vying for the grand prize.

At one point, I joined The Palanca Awards or Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. It’s the “Pulitzer Prize” of the Philippines in terms of prestige. I didn’t win, and yet given the opportunity I will join again. What do I have to lose? The prizes at stake are but secondary. Passion and the experience of being able to share what I have – those are the things that move me. I’d rather take the leap than ponder on the what if’s after missing out on the great opportunities life is offering me. More than ever, fulfilling my dreams at this level was to give back to my mother who single-handedly raised me with the help of my grandmother, uncles and aunts.

I knew I was bound to do something far greater…….

I am an only child and my parents separated when I was just a baby. I remember growing up knowing about the situation but not clearly understanding why. I never even questioned it. I was probably too scared to know. My life went on with just me, my mother and grandmother. I was used to the fact that I don’t have a father that it was okay I guess. At that point, it would have been more awkward if I did have my father with us. I have three other father figures (my mom’s brothers) who have always been there to guide me. For me, it was all good. My single mother worked hard and did everything she can to send me to private catholic schools and raise me well. My grandmother, aunts and uncles also helped alongside the generous support of the half scholarship I received from my school. I have always been a strong-willed person. I didn’t let that empty space control me.

Six long years after working in IT, a sudden change of career path has led me into a much fulfilling avenue. I was finally given a break and was working on a career in broadcast journalism. A good friend and mentor who has succeeded in her field as a broadcast journalist, television host, children's book author, entrepreneur, mother and wife, has always believed in me. She, along with my family, got me back on my feet and always reminded me that in God's perfect time, I'll be able to fulfill my dreams. Charge it to experience, she says. I was thrilled! I was going to be on TV and I was going to be a broadcast journalist. Or so I thought.


The biggest hurdle

In 2006, the biggest hurdle in my journey made me stop right in my tracks. At the height of my broadcasting career, I suddenly fell terribly ill. I started stuttering and my voice became more hoarse. I was having rapid weight gain, extreme fatigue and brain fog, my whole body was swollen, muscles and joints were extremely stiff and painful, and suffering from depression. My self-confidence dwindled so much I hid myself in my own shell. Doctors and specialists diagnosed me with severe Autoimmune Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Hypothyroidism on top of chronic bronchial asthma I’ve had since childhood. My world fell apart as the truth was staring me right on my face - I had to put my career on hold. I wasn’t going to become a broadcast journalist. I felt I was a failure.

It took a while before I got back on my feet again. At 27 then, I told myself I may not have fully understood the realities of life just yet, but I was willing to embrace it without animosity or pride. My words and works are well-meant and are carved out of my passion for expression. I believed that my dreams are eventually bound to become reality because there are people who believe in me. Now at 37, I can say I finally understand.

Fast forward to 2008

I moved to the US, got married. By July 2009 I gave birth to our healthy first-born son, and was blessed with a beautiful daughter in January 2012.

After giving birth to our son, it dawned on me that three years prior, my Endocrinologist warned me about having difficulty getting pregnant because of my severe Autoimmune condition. I was beaming with gratitude, knowing that I had triumphed despite the odds. I didn’t only get pregnant and had given birth once, but twice to two healthy and gorgeous babies! 

My Credentials

I have a unique combination of my Bachelor of Science major in Computer Science degree, Master Life Coaching Certification, Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner Certification, Newscasting Workshop Certification. On top of that, I have spent almost seven years working for corporate office as a web and graphic designer, certified technical trainer, e-business specialist, and technical support engineer. I was also a freelance events host (weddings, corporate events, parties, you name it), writer and visual artist. I dabble in oil and acrylic painting on canvas. I once dreamt of having my one-woman exhibit, writing my own book, traveling more with my loved ones before I reach 35, and helping more people. In the college/university education setting, I was once a professor/instructor teaching IT, English and Public Speaking.

Another setback or blessing?

On March 25, 2014, I was diagnosed with another Autoimmune disease called Alopecia Areata after finding a bald patch on the back of my head. Having two autoimmune diseases made me realize I AM STILL BLESSED more than I'll ever know....You read that right.

I am not the type of person who will ask God, "Why me? Not again!?! Are you picking on me, God?" for giving me these autoimmune diseases.....

I say - I am not sick, I am only stronger. I am Abundant. I Attract. I Manifest. I Inspire.

Present time…

Fast forward to today, I have been writing and self-publishing books sincekristinepierce 2012. I have authored four books under my real name (plus four more forthcoming this 2016), five under pen names, and contributing author to an international best-selling anthology book, including print, eBook and soon audio book formats.

I have been featured and written articles for the Manila Bulletin Style Weekend (the Philippines' largest broadsheet newspaper's weekly magazine), Lasallian Voices In Action (LAVOXA), Canossian Gazette, among others.

I am an Author Coach, Branding Strategist, Host of Write, Publish, Inspire! Podcast, Speaker, Founder of Inspired Action Publishing, and run online courses and workshops. 

kristine pierce christmas miraclesA devoted wife, a stay-at-home mom of two kids (7 and 4), and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Hypothyroidism and Alopecia Areata Warrior and Advocate.

I strive to empower more people all over the world; inspire them by true stories of success, manifestations, inspired actions, journey and accomplishments; guide them how one can transform their life, live their dreams, follow their true calling, catapult their family and business to a higher level; and show them how to attract, manifest, and inspire.

As a wife and mother, I totally understand that most of you reading this probably have a family and hectic schedule. I am here to help you make this work for you.

I broadcast from our humble home on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I treat everybody like Ohana - that means family, and family means nobody gets left behind - or forgotten.

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My ardent wish is for you to get rid of your limiting beliefs, take inspired actions, manifest more abundance, help and inspire more people.

You are strong, brave and beautiful! You are an inspiration!

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