Finished with your manuscript and ready to publish your book?

Would you like a signature journal/planner with that?

Let’s do this! This is our Assisted Self-Publishing program.


Get Your Book Published!

Write, Publish Inspire! Done-With-You Publishing Package is part of our Assisted Self-Publishing program and delivers professionally published, kindle version, paperback books and spiral-bound signature journal/planner (or paperback journal/planner). *Note: Journal/Planner optional

Let’s fast-track your dream of becoming a published author!

Your next live event will be extra special when you introduce your latest book and signature journal and hold book signing

Your clients and prospects will love your book and/or signature journal as a gift

Build your profile and get into mainstream media

Be the authority and expert in your niche or industry

Build a speaking career

Attract high paying clients

Start a movement and inspire change

Grow a tribe of  equally passionate women entrepreneurs who are completely obsessed and devoted to your work

…and, of course, it won’t hurt to show it off to friends and family

Special Message from Kristine Pierce:

With my signature “Write, Publish Inspire Bootcamp” (either the Live In-Person Retreat or the Virtual Bootcamp/Masterclass),

I show you from start to finish how to write and publish your transformational book and signature journal —

I provide you all the resources so you can have a published book and journal in 8-10 weeks.

Some of you are probably finished with your manuscript and only need a helping hand with the publishing part of the process.

This is the perfect option for you then!

The way you can do that is let me take care of the editing, interior and book cover design, publishing,

and even promotional and marketing materials such as press release, video book trailer, author media kit and social media kit! We make the process easy, you keep 100% of your royalies!


Step 1: You Submit a Completed Manuscript. Make sure that it has been proofread and edited. We don’t offer proofreading and editing at this time. You will also receive a questionnaire where we will base your signature journal from (if you choose to include the journal/planner option).

Step 2: We will send you a questionnaire regarding the overall theme of your book. Including color scheme, textures, theme, etc. Or you may select your cover from our wide selection of semi-customizable book cover templates. Custom book cover design is included in your fee.

Step 3: The Done-With-You Design Team will format your manuscript using Adobe inDesign.

Step 4: Assignment of International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

Step 5: Registration with all major online booksellers and national distributors

Step 6: Registration with Books in Print database providing worldwide availability

Step 7: Author Review & Approval

We will provide you with a PDF (both regular and interactive flip pdf, a realistic flipping effect eBook) of the formatted manuscript so you can review and correct content errors from your end. Once you send back formatted manuscript with approval, we will proceed to printing. 

Step 8: List your book and signature journal for sale on and where you sell your book and keep 100% of the sales. Your book will also be available at all major online booksellers, international distributors and libraries.

Step 9: Book Printing 

Your book and signature journal is printed and 2 copies (each) are delivered to your door so you can start promoting your book. (You may order additional copies for less than the retail price – we teach you how.)

Step 10: Convert your paperback book into a Kindle eBook 

Step 11: Promotional Materials 

We deliver your promotional materials and bonuses through email or dropbox.


1. Press Release Writing and Distribution (value $499)

Time to spread the news about your latest book! A well-written, high quality distributed press release is a powerful way to send news content to your target market audience and publicize your voice online.

2. Professional Author Media/Press Kit (Ready-to-print) (value $1,555)

Before an author gets that all-important magazine, newspaper or radio interview, an interviewer will probably spend time looking at the book’s media kit. For this reason, book press kits are really important to your book marketing efforts! A media kit can cost as much as $1,200 or more. We tried to save you some time and money by designing for you a world-class media kit that is included in this package.

3. Design Professional Promotional Materials (Ready-to-print) (value $2,222)

a. Professional Author Postcard

The cost of material used to make typical 4” х 6” or similar sized postcards is very low. Online, you can get 2,000 postcards printed on front and back for less than a hundred dollars. Even the process of mailing them is simple and inexpensive. Currently, the postage rate is only 35 cents per postcard.

b. Professional Book Flyer

c. Professional Author Bookmark

Hint: Free Bookmark with Purchase Promotion

You can run a promotion where you give your readers a free bookmark. Since bookmarks are relatively inexpensive to have printed up, this can be a great way to market to your readers and potentially boost your percentage of repeat buyers.

d. 3d Book Mockup

e. Author Banner Pack (includes 5 standard banner sizes)

5. 60 Seconds Video Book Trailer – Full HD 1080p. Script word count up to 150 words. (value $1,444)

How much for this exciting deal?

with fast-action bonuses worth $5,845+

Total Value: $10,289+

(All prices listed in US dollars.)


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